Vito Fazio-Allmayer  Foundation presentation

Vito Fazio-Allmayer Foundation was founded in 1975 in Palermo (Italy) in memory of the philosopher Vito Fazio-Allmayer (1885-1958). It deals with research and training activities, especially in the pedagogical field. In particular, it organized several conferences and seminars with Italian and foreign scholars. One of the most important of these meetings was the International Conference on “Culture, cultures, social dynamics and intercultural education”, realized in 1995 in partnership with numerous educational institutions.

Besides, it organized conferences for scholars and students and Masters on the Italian Sign Language in partnership with the University of Palermo in the early 2000’s.

Moreover, the Institution deals with publishing activity: it has published about 100 volumes, divided in different series related to philosophy and pedagogy. In addition, a scientific journal entitled “Pedagogical theories and educational practices” has been publishing since 1973. Recently, it has been created an online version too.

The staff is made up of 8 people, they are  a  group of  trainers, teachers and researchers.

They are experts in research, planning, evaluation, digital and editorial field, training for educators and trainers, leading groups, even in online environments.


Activities and experience of the organization in the areas relevant for the Erasmus project TOTO

Vito Fazio-Allmayer Foundation deals with  educators training  in the  art-therapy and non-directive teaching fields, in accordance with a social constructivist and maieutic approach. In addition, the Institution promotes innovative teaching techniques in order to tackle school problems, learning difficulties and social marginality as well as to consider the diversity in terms of wealth and resource.

Furthermore, it carries out research and training activities in the digital culture field, with a specific reference to the communication and cooperation of online groups.

Since  2017 the Foundation organize an Educational Biennium entitled “Training for educators”, in partnership with the cultural national  institutions OPPI and OPPIFORMA. The specific goal of the training is  to enhance planning, organization and evaluation skills through active teaching methodologies and an experiential approach.

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