TOTO EU Project (Teachers of Tomorrow)

Social background:

The transformation of the educational world and the world in general requires that teachers become empowered to recognize their role as active actors in sustainable teaching and learning. They should reflect on their own value system.

The future social and educational framework conditions will change based on a new reflection of the value system and the globalization of education.

The project will focus on the practical implementation and evaluation of practical pedagogical work with teachers and learners.

Target groups:

Adult education teachers in regular schools, educational counselling centres, coaching area and teachers with a migrant background.


ITT, Tralee (Ireland), the foundation Fazio-Allmeyer of Palermo (Italy), the Theater Association Teatro due mondi (Italy), the Adult Education Center Vienna / Simmering (Austria). The vhs Pforzheim-Enzkreis (Germany) will be the coordinating institution.

TOTO Impact:

Impact on an individual level: The teachers get to know a new competence profile, they will reflect about their own educational acting with a different pedagogical attitude.

Impact on the institutional level: The educational institutions will change their training offer and adapt it to the Training Curriculum.

Local / Regional impact:

Intensive exchange of experience with other educational institutions (inter-institutional), interdisciplinary training courses for teachers in the region. Further development of training concepts. More intensive cross-institutional cooperation.

Impact at the system level:

At the systemic level, there may be changes in the educational structure teacher training. Global teaching and learning in the sense of networked thinking, dialogue based and solution focused learning and teaching, critical thinking and acting.


There are 4 learning activities on 5 working days. The participants are teachers and program managers from the partner institutions. They teach in different fields and disciplines. The goal is to put the innovative training Curriculum into practice, to test it and to analyze it. A quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the workshop participants will evaluate and document the results of the workshops.


Corresponding training systems are established in the various educational institutions of the partner institutions, nationally in the associations, in teacher training, in the development of other institutions.

Lecturer meetings, collegial practical consultations and further institutionalized meetings serve as an exchange of experiences about the developed competence profile and the developed curriculum.