The following products are planned

  1. The development of an innovative competence profile for teachers, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary (inter-institutional, building on the knowledge and experience of educational institutions dealing with education and knowledge transfer in the future based on the social importance of education and educational processes).
  2. The development of teaching and learning materials / tools
    Based on the competence profile, appropriate teaching and learning materials are developed, tested and analysed (artistic methods, systemic methods: solution-oriented interviewing, appreciative communication, and digital / virtual methods).
  3. Product is the development of a training curriculum, the content of which relates to the new competence profile.

The new competence profile and the Training Curriculum have the power to motivate teachers, Multipliers, councellers and political persons to reflect about their own attitudes, ideas, actions and about their value System in the educational context with the aim to change it against the background of a changing world society „putting on the pedagogical table“ new challenges like the Migration movement, the new nationalismes and the virtualization of education.

Impressions of our first meeting



Here you can find PDFs about our intellectual outputs. The following PDF is a jointly created document on the subject of „innovative methods“ in an interdisciplinary and interinstitutional context from 2020. The language of the PDF is German. Have a look!

Download Tools

In the european project „Transnational Collaboration“ the participants of the partner institutions wrote short stories about their teaching and learning experiences during the corona crisis. They used different telling styles using different contexts. It is a personal and emotional report about relations between teachers and learners in a time changing beliefs of the society. Download them here:

Short Stories Corona

These stories are used in coaching, teaching and communication workshops. Download them here:


This Model Concept is about the systemic work in the context of sustainability, the transformation of society within the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by Jürgen Will, VHS Pforzheim: