To initiate a change process

… and the transformation of societies.

Sustainable benefit:

The new competence profile and the Training Curriculum have the power to motivate teachers, Multipliers, counsellors and political persons to reflect about their own attitudes, ideas, actions and about their value System in the educational context with the aim to change it against the background of a changing world society ``putting on the pedagogical table`` new challenges like the Migration movement, the new nationalisms and the virtualization of education.

The organizations behind TOTO

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Our aims with TOTO

The project relies on an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach. It is a project of science, society and practice that is closely linked to the process of the European Union.

It is about a high-quality qualification of teachers and the socio-cultural and emotional participation and part of marginalized groups in society in the educational process , a dialogue-based, systematic knowledge transfer.

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